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final project

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Celebraty !!!!

New Year's Eve is on December 31, the final day of the year,
Venezuela, many of the traditions are very similar to the ones from Spain, with an over-emphasis in traditions who supposedly will bring good luck in the year forthcoming. Those who want to find love in the New Year are supposed to wear yellow underwear on New Year's Eve; those who want money must have a bill of high value when toast, those who want to travel must go out home while carrying some luggage, and so on.Usually, people listen to radio specials, which give a countdown and announce the New Year according to the legal hour in Venezuela, and, in Caracas, following the twelve bells from the Cathedral of Caracas. During these special programs is a tradition to broadcast songs about the sadness on the end of the year, being popular favorites "Viejo año" ("Old year") by Gaita group Maracaibo 15 and "Cinco pa' las 12" ("Five minutes before twelve") who was versioned by several popular singers like Nestor Zavarce, Nancy Ramos and José Luis Rodríguez El puma. The unofficial hymn for the first minutes of the New Year is "Año Nuevo, Vida Nueva" ("New Year, New Life"), by the band Billo's Caracas Boys.


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my kids
Don´t listen to my advice.
Don´t clean the house.
Don´t help around the house.
Don´t order their bedrooms.
Don´t visit my family.
Teens about parents

Don't study enough
Wacth too much TV
Have strange friends

My Parents

Don't listen to my opinions
Pick up your things
Clean up your mess in the kitchen

Always tell me what to do
Clean up your bedroom

Camera technology!!!!

I`is a new video camera with 2 mega pixels, zoom1500, it has a video and photoshop image editor too, include a internrt access and it has 10gb of internal memor

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viernes, 4 de julio de 2008



1 kg of flour of yellow corn
2/3 of panela of vainglorious.
1 kg of white grated cheese.
1 banana tree pinton
7 water rates.
Abundant oil for freir.


The vainglorious one is dissolved in 6 water rates and is left to cool. While, and it the parboils the banana tree in water up to remaining smooth, and mash is done with. To the water of vainglorious him aqade the flour of corn and they mix up to achieving a homogeneous preparation. Then, to the mass him aqade the crushed banana tree and the half of the cheese and continues kneading until all the ingredients have joined well.

To do the mandocas, there are done little bolls of mass and that then they gives herself form of rolitos. These rolitos join for the ends and already they have the mandocas with his typical form. The seventh rate of water is to be softening the mass adding water little by little if it is that I remain very hard, since it must remain firm in order that not enchumben to the freirlas but if the mass at the time remains very hard they split or the rolitos are cracked when the ends join.

Frien in abundant well well warm, first oil of a side and then other one until esten well doraditas. Already estan list, which remains is to eat up them. But eye, they eat up with another half of the grated cheese, dividing the mandocas with the hands and pressing the pieces in the cheese in order that one beats them. This is one of the things mas tasty of this world, I swear them.